Across the Universe
Author mira mirth
Story Information
Summary James Potter observes as Harry arrives to an alternate dimension where his parents are alive and Neville is the Boy-Who-Lived. Trying to teach old cliches new tricks, here.
Pairing None
Genre Drama
Character Harry Potter
Character 2 James Potter
Length 3885 words
Rating T
Status Complete


Purpleyuan's ReviewEdit

This AU story is much shorter than your average Harry-travels-to-an-Alternate-Universe fiction, since it doesn't really deal with how Harry gets back, or how to convince the AU!characters of his identity, or things like that. Rather, it deals with Harry's relationships with the characters of the alternate universe, and how they heal together. The only detraction I can really think of is that Harry is not canon!Harry by any stretch, and he develops in a way that I think might be a little unrealistic, but that's my own personal preference.

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