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Welcome to the unofficial /r/HPFanfiction wiki, a community resource for making lists and recommending fanfiction.

We are currently still building our lists and resources, so please help us add your favorite fanfictions!

Reading and Finding FanfictionEdit

Start by either browsing through our themed lists or browsing through our collection of fanfiction! Our fanfiction is categorized for easy sorting and searching.

If you want to search through two categories at once for something more specific, you can now go to CategoryIntersection! For example, you can search Category:Character: Ron Weasley and Category:Character: Harry Potter in order to find fics that are about both Harry and Ron.

Adding a New FanfictionEdit

Want to add a new fanfiction to this site? It's simple! Just visit the Adding Fics page to read some simple instructions. Then open up the "Contribute" drop-down menu on the top right of every page, pick "Add a Page," then select the "Ficbox" template and get started!

Adding a User ListEdit

Want to create a list of your favorite recs? Check out this page to learn how!

Themed ListsEdit

Themed Lists Requested Lists
  • Alternate Universes
  • War
  • Historical AUs
  • New or foreign schools
  • Female Harry
  • Dark Harry
  • Independent Harry
  • Powerful Harry
  • Do-over fics

Latest ActivityEdit

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